Marquardt Design Competition

October 28, 2019

Marquardt Design Competition

Facultatea de Inginerie


The competition addresses the undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled in master programs of technical faculties at “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu with knowledge in embedded systems.


The competition aims to develop on students the capacity to elaborate, manage and deliver on time a project.


The competition’s theme for this year (2019-2020) is rain-sensing car wiper system. Students will have to build an embedded system which senses the rain drops on glass and controls the wipers movement. Some system parts are delivered by Marquardt (as a kit) and their integration within the system is mandatory; the other system parts are acquired by teams. For a description of Marquardt kit see Annex 1. During the development of their project, teams could decide changes in the design; the risks and the impacts of these decisions must be ackowledged by teams. Project status will be provided to the Marquardt Organizing Team for review.

The competition is developed on stages as follows:

STAGE 1: IDEA = teams will present their embedded system application idea and how they think to build-up the system.

STAGE 2: DRAFT = teams will accompany their idea with a draft document presenting a design for their application; a small research is needed to accomplish this stage and some decisions are made; teams should present how they will integrate Marquardt provided kit; we will review the drafts and 10 teams are selected to advance to the next stage.

STAGE 3: PROTOTYPE = selected teams will implement the chosen design into a working prototype; small scale changes are admitted and teams should acknowledge their risk and impact; intermediate project status is reviewed by the Marquardt Organizing Team and each student team will receive a feedback.

STAGE 4: FINAL = teams will present their status and their prototype in a final meeting; the winner will be announced. At any stage teams can resign from the competition; in this case they have the responsibility to announce Marquardt Organizing Team not later than 1 week prior to the ongoing stage deadline; also they have to return the Marquardt provided kit.


The competition is predicated on teamwork, therefore teams of 2 students are eligible. Number of teams to register is unlimited. Number of teams advancing to Prototype stage is limited to 10.


The below time frame will be followed:
Stage1: October 2019
Stage2: November – December 2019
Stage3: December 2019 – April 2020
Stage4: May 2020

Teams must watch for the following deadlines:

Teams registration latest: 31 october 2019
Idea presentation latest: 31 october 2019
Draft presentation latest: 29 november 2019
Selected teams announcement latest: 13 december 2019
Marquardt kit provided latest: 20 december 2019
Intermediate status latest: 28 february 2020
Prototype showdown/review latest: 06 march 2020
Final status latest: 8 may 2020
Final presentation and winners latest: 15 may 2020

Should the dates be changed by Marquardt, then they will be announced.


First place: 2x Electric bicycles (e-bike)
Second place: 2x Electric scooters
Third place: 2x Electric auto-balance vehicles (segway type)


Download the event details  here.

For questions to address, contact Catalin Stan:
[email protected]